Mishoo Fuji FinePix A310 as webcam in Linux
Nov 25, 2004

[Mishoo] Fuji FinePix A310 as webcam in Linux In the spirit of biting off more than I can chew, I’m considering jumping into getting my Finepix S7000 to work as a V4L device!

This guy is a freakin genius
Nov 24, 2004

The Official Site of Benjamin J Heckendorn I stumbled onto Ben’s site somehow (don’t ask me how – I’m drunk) and I’ve decided that I want to be just like him.

Change is ALMOST as good as a holiday
Nov 22, 2004

I’ve been doing a lot of different stuff at work lately, which I find very refreshing, and although it’s not enough to keep me totally commited and concentrated on work it’s certainly enough to stop me from getting bored.

Real Work
Nov 18, 2004

With exams over I can finally get on with the real work of living. It’s a weight off my chest, that’s for sure. And I’m actually excited about just how much more I can do with my time, now that I don’t have to waste all my free time feeling guilty about not studying.

New Work
Nov 4, 2004

I may be looking for new work soon. Wait, that’s not true — I will be looking for new work, and am currently. What I meant was: I may be out of work soon.

We may have another buyer
Oct 31, 2004

We may have another buyer for the car! He looked today, and seems very interested, but first we need to get it checked out by his mechanic. We’ve agreed (informally) on a pretty good price for him, not as much as we were hoping for but it will nevertheless be good to get it over and done with.

Sync em well
Oct 29, 2004

I just had a thought about the syncml server. First, we set up the (open source) syncml servlet somewhere. We might need to do some work on the user accounts and authentication, and we’ll also want a nice web interface for registering for the service.

We sold the car ... ah, no we didnt
Oct 28, 2004

A slight backwards step today when the guy lined up to buy Angelina (the Celica) reneged on the deal — I guess he “didn’t have the minerals”, or something like that.

We sold the car!
Oct 26, 2004

Well, we sold Danielle’s car! It’s been bought by someone in Sydney, and they’re doing the paperwork tomorrow. No more pretending we’re in The Fast and the Furious, flying along the roads as “pilot” and “navi”, taking corners at a speed that would’ve flipped the old Hyundai Excel (Dee’s previous car).