Mishoo Fuji FinePix A310 as webcam in Linux

glennji | Nov 25, 2004 min read

[Mishoo] Fuji FinePix A310 as webcam in Linux

In the spirit of biting off more than I can chew, I’m considering jumping into getting my Finepix S7000 to work as a V4L device!
It’s well beyond my current capabilities (but not beyond learning!), and that’s probably the main reason that I want to try. The second reason is that I want a webcam that I can use in Linux, and I’ve already got the camera, so why not? There are a few comments on the site from fellow S7000 owners offering help, but no one has taken up the banner yet.
I’m not going to get into it blindly, of course – I’ve already got too many opensource projects running to start trying to evangelise another – but I might download the example code, and the utilities, and have a bit of a hack over the weekend. In between doing all the other stuff I want to get done (see kiltedaussie) … which might mean that I don’t do anything, in which case I won’t be posting the code on Sourceforge!!
But I’d like to. 🙂