glennji | Jan 19, 2005 min read

I’ve been running to catch up ever since we got back from Christmas/NY holidays.

It’s just been completely overwhelming — from two weeks of lazing around the campfire to two weeks of daily deadlines and impatient clients. Two weeks too much, so I called in sick today. Slept in (so good!); went to the post office to check up on my passport application; did some housework — in short, didn’t even touch the laptop until this evening.

And I’m glad — it was needed. I’ve not done anything with Gnome-utils for about two million years (or so), and nor have I thought about the Opensource Meetup group or anything outside of work. Which is silly, because work isn’t even that interesting! It’s certainly not the most important thing at the moment — I want to get my participation and profile up in the opensource world in preparation for the big UK move in 5 months or so.

This weekend I’m catching up with the usual suspects to discuss exactly that. It’s time to get focused once more. And for me, that means hacking on opensource projects!