Google loves me! Bucky is the best!

glennji | Jan 12, 2005 min read

I just found, by accident, that I’m the second highest Google search for “chronofiles”. (The Buckminster Fuller Institute is first, by the way.)

sniff I’m so proud.

Of course, a Google search for “chronofile”, singular, will not feature the glennji chronofiles at all. Please feel free to brush over this fact without pause for intelligent consideration.

(If anyone is curious about the origin of the word “chronofile”, check out the Buckminster Fuller Institute. In fact, I would recommend anyone to check out R. Buckminster Fuller’s work — whilst I found “Critical Path” somewhat of a struggle, it was an exciting (and life defining?) struggle. (His explanation to a young boy in the of wood burning as an unfolding of the solar energy in the introduction of the book was particularly engaging.)