The year to come

Dec 23, 2004 by glennji

This will be my last post this year – Dee and I are going camping in South Australia for the next two weeks, and it’s unlikely there will be mobile phone coverage, let alone wifi internet access. Of course, it doesn’t really both either of us, and is in fact one of the reasons we are going. No communication, no computers, no technology. Time to recommune with nature perhaps. A spiritual recharge, certainly.

My work has really slackened off as the end of the year draws near – not my “pay to live” work, but rather the stuff I enjoy doing, the information society work: opensource, Gnome, proof reading digital copies of classics and so on. More over, my “self interest future” work hasn’t had much focus (that’s the new business stuff with Chris), as much as I think it should.

Next year we will start again. I’ll be bugging Chris a lot more, that’s one thing for sure, and meeting up with him for our regular brainstorm, planning, work session. I also want to step up the interaction level of the members of the Melbourne Open Source Meetup Group that I’m organising; maybe get some new blood in, and do something interesting with it.

It can all wait until next year. First, it’s time to pack.

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