How to start an opensource project for a SyncML toolkit?
Jul 31, 2004

Sync4j is an opensource Java implementation of the SyncML protocol, which is used to synchronise mobile-user-interesting information such as contact details (addressbooks), bookmarks and calendars. SyncML is used by and supported in a number of different products, mostly synchronising clients for PDAs and mobile phones, and is notably lacking in some other high-profile products (Microosft Outlook and Exchange).

Another drizzly day
Jul 25, 2004

It’s another grey and rainy monandaeg in Melbourne, Australia, which is perfect weather for writing in a blog or two. Unfortunately, I’m at work, so my writings today are on borrowed time (whilst compiling, for example, or sitting in another boring meeting).

Dee is considering selling her car
Jul 20, 2004

Dee is considering selling her car – it’s an almost-new Toyota Celica ZR, black, with all the bells and whistles. As such, we’ve got a fairly large car loan currently hanging over our heads, and I think it has been stressing her out somewhat.

Television has let me down once more
Jul 4, 2004

It’s Sunday night and I’m watching the Big Brother eviction – pathetic, yes? I’m not sure how it is in other countries, but in Australia the magic of “Reality TV” has well and truly worn off.

I have a coffee table!
Jun 20, 2004

I have a coffee table! This is a small, but significant, achievement – ever since I moved out of my parent’s house to go to Uni, it seems like I’ve been living a temporary life ….

Friday, lovely Friday
Jun 18, 2004

Got through another week, and very happy to have done so. It’s been quite hectic this week, with a software release today (which we post-poned thanks to network issues - the other company in our building does web-streaming every Friday, it seems, and we share the Internet connection).

An annoyingly long day
Jun 15, 2004

I’m in IT — in fact, I’m a computer programming (of all things). Today I got to work after a glorious long weekend (spent camping on the coast: drinking, reading, smoking, eating, talking and playing cards … in short, bliss) to find that not only did nothing work, everyone thought it was my fault.

The Chronofiles
Jun 5, 2004

“Most children like to collect things. At four I started to collect documents of my own development as correlated with world patterns of developing technology. Beginning in 1917, I determined to employ my already rich case history, as objectively as possible, in documenting the life of a suburban New Englander, born in the Gay Nineties (1895)– the year automobiles were introduced, the wireless telegraph and the automatic screw machine were invented, and X-rays were discovered; having his boyhood in the turn of the century; and maturing during humanity’s epochal graduation from the inert, materialistic 19th into the dynamic 20th century.

Chronofiles Take Two
Jun 3, 2004

I’m sure everyone goes through it in the “blogspace” universe – a personal weblog started, ignored and ultimately forgotten … followed by a resurrection when the blogger remembers how much fun it really was (being one voice out of millions; why isn’t it this much fun to stand in a mall and talk to anyone who will listen?