We sold the car!

Oct 26, 2004 by glennji

Well, we sold Danielle’s car! It’s been bought by someone in Sydney, and they’re doing the paperwork tomorrow. No more pretending we’re in The Fast and the Furious, flying along the roads as “pilot” and “navi”, taking corners at a speed that would’ve flipped the old Hyundai Excel (Dee’s previous car). But then again, no more car loan repayments, expensive services and huge petrol bills. And no more fear of it getting stolen from the carpark (we are in Fitzroy, after all).

We hired a car last week, whilst the Celica was in the shop getting a presale once-over. You can really notice the difference! It was like driving a toy car, or something made of matchsticks – one swift breeze could’ve tumbled us over (or so it felt), let alone corners. Still, it was quite nicely finished (air bags, neat interior, all that jazz) so I was impressed with the price-feature point.

Yellow was the hired Getz; Back in black is the Celica ZR, “Angelina”.

Luckily we had time for one last dance with Angelina, as we took a four day weekend to South Australia — the Coonawarra Wine Region to be exact! It was perfect, with a cute little cottage in the middle of a vineyard, and others all within driving distance. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many glasses of red … and our wine rack has certainly never been so full. (Well, it’s never been full of anything other than $9 “cleanskins”, that is — bottles sans labels, so they could be from anywhere.)

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