We sold the car ... ah, no we didnt

Oct 28, 2004 by glennji

A slight backwards step today when the guy lined up to buy Angelina (the Celica) reneged on the deal — I guess he “didn’t have the minerals”, or something like that. It’s a bit disappointing, because I want all the loose ends tidied up as soon as possible. Of course, it’s more important that Danielle be happy, and she seems okay — “These things happen for a reason.”

Very mellow indeed!

I still haven’t found my passport application form, so tomorrow I might try to pick up a new one, then get the photos done. (I just asked Dee, and she can’t find her passport, so neither of us are going anywhere in a hurry!) I’ve started my resumé, which is good, but it’s not ready for sending yet. Perhaps this weekend!

Oh I can’t wait for the weekend.

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