After another long absynthe...

Oct 4, 2004 by glennji
The human mind is quite amazing. On the one hand, I can’t remember things like, “call the doctor for an appointment”. On the other, I can remember my username and password for this website, 3 months later. I don’t know why that would be, but I suspect it’s to do with the relative personal value I associate with each task (to which the memory is related). Going to the doctor has low associated value, but writing in a weblog has high value.
Although if writing in a weblog really had such high personal value attributed to it, I probably would’ve done it sooner than 3 months ago, hmm?
Work is annoying at the moment. I think I’m sick of thinking too much perhaps? It’s not overly stressful (well, it is, but I’m not really one to take it on board … much), but it takes up so much of my time!! The travel time alone is an hour each way, and the Bossman expects us to be in around 8:30, and not leave until 5:30 (although he does usually head out earlier than that). So I end up trying to get up at 6:30, leave at half seven, and I’m usually not home again until 6:30.
Then with household duties, shopping, and a little television, the day is over and I’ve achieved nothing.
I think this is a common problem, but what do you do about it?
More thought required. Now I have to go to work.

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