Far too long between drinks ...
Oct 23, 2007

It was almost inevitable. My work, originally so laid-back and non-intrusive, has started ramping up and impacting my daily “surf the web, update a wiki or three, post a blog entry, eat lunch, maintain a mailing list, go home” schedule.

Weve finally got our broadband ...
Aug 20, 2007

… and none too soon. I was going a little crazy from wwwithdrawal, I think — our access from work is limited (to say the least), and I must have at least 12,000 unread emails in Gmail by now.

I wish the in-mates WERE running the asylum
Jul 11, 2007

Boy do I ever not want to go to work today. I’ve been up for a while — around 6:30 — and it’s now after 9am, so it’s not like I couldn’t get in early and catch up on some of the always-present, always-urgent, never-scheduled, always-stupid tasks that seem to get punted down upon us (from manager to manager all the way down to the lowly “plebs”, the betas, the only ones who actually seem to do anything — us, in other words).

Easter in ol London-town
Jul 11, 2007

Time is ticking by — it’s time for some reconnaissance! To that end Dee has booked us into a hotel in London for the Easter long weekend (6th – 9th April).

Mar 19, 2007

I asked for an update from my manager regarding relocating to London with the company today. She passed on the request and was told that, “a relocation package may not be available for this type of move”.

Vampires have more fun
Mar 18, 2007

Today Dee updated her CV and applied for eight different roles down in London — and that was just the start of it! Some 700 results on the search page of one job site, advertising salaries that seem a little ridiculous.

Coding, contracts, sci-fi
Mar 18, 2007

Today I got to do a little Java coding, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I installed all the requisite software — Eclipse, Java, MySQL, Tomcat — and started the “live stats” application.

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Gear-less weekend
Mar 16, 2007

Well it’s nearly the weekend and none of my gear — the RAM replacement, a new HDD to piggyback the NAS, a copy of (ergh!) Vista — has arrived from Ebuyer.

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London, Uno, Photos
Mar 15, 2007

I spoke to a company in London today; a kind of “first take” on the whole job-hunting thing, for me and the company both I think. They asked some just-barely technical questions, and whilst I answered most with ease, I was feeling nervous and my mind went blank for others (specifically on JDBC, but if you care about that you should probably be reading the other site instead).