Weve finally got our broadband ...

glennji | Aug 20, 2007 min read

… and none too soon.  I was going a little crazy from wwwithdrawal, I think — our access from work is limited (to say the least), and I must have at least 12,000 unread emails in Gmail by now.  Not to mention the fact that I have to redesign my websites every month (it’s a sickness) and protect the web from wiki spam wherever possible.  So it’s a good thing for me, personally.

It’s also a good thing for Dee — she can start looking for work properly, rather than traipsing down to a grubby Internet café and forking over our hard-earned dosh for a slower-than-slow, crampy-chair, smelly-humans, crappy-coffee web experience.  We’ve got a desk and everything now, so it should be quite a good set up for her.  With the IT market booming, it shouldn’t be long until she lands a sweet contract in the middle of a trading floor.

We’ve been anything but idle whilst awaiting our Internetwork: we saw a West-End show (“Wicked”) with Dayna and her friends; we had tapas and sangria one night with one of Dee’s friends (a couple’s date, how droll!); we’ve eaten out more times than we should have (but the selection is great!); and we’ve blessed our flat with a balcony barbeque!  It’s all fun and games, but we’re settling into a more frugal existence now to save our pennies (and hopefully get into some good habits before Dee gets her job).

It actually works out better — in trying to be cheap, we’ve had to buy our ingredients fresh and make stuff from scratch!  Similarly, we’ve bought stuff to grow our own herbs and edibles!  Both are things we always talk about doing, so it’s funny that it took switching to a single income to make us actually try it.