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Dangerous Prototypes
Mar 22, 2021

Whilst Dee and Jules play videogames downstairs, I sit in a beanbag in my makerspace and contemplate the various hardware projects that I would like to complete over the next couple of years.

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Ortholinear Awkwardness
Aug 19, 2020

My new keyboard arrived last night, and I’ve been awkwardly typing on it ever since. The keyboard arrived in several pieces – the PCB, keycaps and case all neatly packed in a large white box – and it was a pleasant couple of minutes putting it together with Kailh brown switches I already had on hand in the layout shown above.

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Does Anybody Blog Anymore?
May 16, 2019

A little after 11pm on a Thursday night and I’ve just finished1 the migration of my ‘blog from Wordpress to Hugo, the static-site generator written in Go. It was actually reasonably easy considering I had quite a few posts and pages, not to mention the content types provided by various plugins.

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Step Two: Plan (and learn!)
Apr 8, 2017

After convincing my son to let me destroy _upgrade _his toy robot, I was quick to order a bunch of Arduino-related gear online. A month later and “Bingo” is still sitting in pieces, but when the parts started arriving last weekend I was able to make a minor breakthrough: I installed the Arduino software, connected one of her legs to a DC motor driver and made her twitch forwards and backwards with a little sketch!

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Step one: disassemble
Mar 6, 2017

This weekend I finally convinced Jules that we should take his robot apart. Admittedly, he might have been less enthusiastic if Agent Bingo didn’t already need surgery — one of the DC motors in her legs had stopped working, so the poor thing could only walk around in circles.

Look mum, Im a hacker!
Feb 22, 2012

I’ve been trying to get into some Android programming for a long while now, fighting to find time to get the basics dow so I can start on one of the many applications we’ve dreamed up.

VISAs and netbooks
May 24, 2009

After a few hours walking around and bussing between shopping areas (like Oxford Street) we still hadn’t found the “new” netbook, a Samsung NC110. It’s the next version of the NC10, which was very popular (and therefore out of stock all over the place).

Crypto: Guessing a password by brute-force takes a long time!
Aug 28, 2007

This weekend was a long weekend, and the (annual?) London FrightFest – lots of new and indy horror movies showing in Leicester Square over four days. It would’ve been fun but as we’re being cheap whilst on a single income we opted to stay home and watch horror movies instead.