Agent Bingo Robot

A couple of years ago, Jules got given a cheap toy robot, and it wasn't long before it broke. He wasn't too fussed1 and eventually let me tear it to pieces. My big plan was to use the bot as a platform for experimentation, but of course you can see from the dates on the ‘blog entries that it just didn't happen.


  • find all the pieces
  • test the DC motor drivers and an Arduino brain to return Bingo to “feature parity”
  • Add ultrasonic distance sensors
  • Add an LED display to his face or body
  • robot uprising

  1. Well, I don't remember him being too fussed anyway. Which probably means his tears and grief at losing this precious toy (that he never played with) were brief. ↩︎


After convincing my son to let me destroy _upgrade _his toy robot, I was quick to order a bunch of Arduino-related gear online. A month later and “Bingo” is still sitting in pieces, but when the parts started arriving last weekend I was able to make a minor breakthrough: I installed the Arduino software, connected one of her legs to a DC motor driver and made her twitch forwards and backwards with a little sketch!

This weekend I finally convinced Jules that we should take his robot apart. Admittedly, he might have been less enthusiastic if Agent Bingo didn’t already need surgery — one of the DC motors in her legs had stopped working, so the poor thing could only walk around in circles. “Don’t worry,” I promised, “We can fix this.” If only he knew that my idea of “fix” was a brain transplant…
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