Mini Tank Robot

I've been talking to Jules about building a robot with him this year, and tonight I found this neat kit on Aliexpress: less than $100AUD, Arduino-based and with enough complexity for the two of us to have some fun building and programming it. It looks a little like WALL-E, which is a toy he has been playing with consistently for the last week, and I figure we can even make and decorate a cardboard shell for the little guy (he loves making stuff out of cardboard).

Agent Bingo Robot

A couple of years ago, Jules got given a cheap toy robot, and it wasn't long before it broke. He wasn't too fussed1 and eventually let me tear it to pieces. My big plan was to use the bot as a platform for experimentation, but of course you can see from the dates on the ‘blog entries that it just didn't happen. Plans find all the pieces test the DC motor drivers and an Arduino brain to return Bingo to “feature parity” Add ultrasonic distance sensors Add an LED display to his face or body … robot uprising Well, I don't remember him being too fussed anyway.

Step one: disassemble

This weekend I finally convinced Jules that we should take his robot apart. Admittedly, he might have been less enthusiastic if Agent Bingo didn’t already need surgery — one of the DC motors in her legs had stopped working, so the poor thing could only walk around in circles. “Don’t worry,” I promised, “We can fix this.” If only he knew that my idea of “fix” was a brain transplant…