Im mediocre for the lord!
Sep 21, 2008

I’m going to have one of the beers that have been in the bottom of our fridge for eternity – I’m pretty sure that at the beginning of the Universe, God said, “Let there be beer in the bottom of Glenn’s fridge.

Egonomics: the dichotomy of decision-self
Sep 19, 2008

I was reading/learning last night about the two (often competing) congnitive systems we have; for lack of better terminology I’m going to call them the “dopamine system” (DS) and the “cognitive system” (CS).

Divergent Paths: Update
Sep 3, 2008

A while ago I wrote about a female friend who was considering becoming Muslim, and I expressed a concern over both the underlying motivations for such a decision, and the possible outcome.

Remembering the now
Nov 1, 2007

Two major revelations and one minor one on my walking-meditation yesterday 1M. Non momentary-focused consciousness as a source of dissatisfaction This morning I was very disturbed and dissatisfied, what with not having our bond repaid and such.

Why the quantum nature of reality can be a good thing
Nov 1, 2007

So quantum reality is one of probabilities; right now, for me, the probability that I can spontaneously develop the ability to fly is quite low. At the moment, I’m occupying several dimensions – including the one (or more) which define all the possible realities, alongside the “normal” three in space and one in time.

Nov 1, 2007

I was given a copy of R. Buckminster Fuller’s “Critical Path” for my birthday recently (thanks!) and I’ve been reading it again and thinking about the concept of “purpose” as it relates to a human life in an “… eternally regenerative Universe …” which “… does not depend on us, [as we] are not the only experiment.

Why collapsing probability waveforms is just bloody stupid
Aug 31, 2007

We live in a reality that is always under a probabilistic quantum flux, apparently. An electron travelling from A to B actually takes every possible path; the path we observe is an integral across the probability of each of these paths, “collapsing” into the most likely one at the point of observation.