Why the quantum nature of reality can be a good thing

Nov 1, 2007 by glennji

So quantum reality is one of probabilities; right now, for me, the probability that I can spontaneously develop the ability to fly is quite low. At the moment, I’m occupying several dimensions – including the one (or more) which define all the possible realities, alongside the “normal” three in space and one in time. So I can’t fly because in this reality people don’t fly.

However, I can move through space and time (although I seem to be hurtling out of control through time, oh well). Maybe I can move through the “possible” dimension(s) too? Because they are just another “direction”, like spacetime, and I’m occupying some “space” in that dimension, I should be able to move around. And moving around in the “possible” dimension means altering my reality.

How do we move around in the 5th+ dimensions? Well, how do we move in the three regular ones? Our mind sends signals (via the brain, if you think there is a separation of brain and mind) to our limbs; our limbs convey us in the chosen direction. But there’s a difference between willing your arm to move, and actually moving it. Try it – think “wiggle your finger” for a while, then just do it. What was the difference? The thoughts were the same, but there is definitely a different kind of flavour to it.

Call it “command mode”, or intention, whatever. It’s the “something” that turns thoughts into activity, and it should work for all the dimensions (once we figure out the “landscape” of the dimension, anyway). So maybe this is how the so-called “law of attraction” or “law of intention” works – you trick yourself into command mode, then shift around in dimensional probability-space to a position where what you intend is more likely. It would explain why it takes a while to kick in – you’re moving, and that isn’t instantaneous.

In fact, you can probably only travel at the speed of light through all dimensions in which you exist, and we’re already travelling at near the speed of light through time. The speed through each dimension (vector components, if you will) has to add up to the speed of light – this is why when you get faster, time slows down (check Einstein’s theories). So if we’re moving so quickly through spacetime, we haven’t got much speed left to move through the other dimensions, right?

So: we can change our reality by moving around in another dimension (or more), but it will take a while to go from your current reality to a wholly new one. I also think the geometry of the higher dimensions has something to do with the versions of reality you move through – perhaps they are all curled up (like string theory suggests?), and we travel “down” and “up” in spiral fashion. Some people who experiment with intentional reality say that some time after you first form an intention you get a “little” result, followed by the major result. Perhaps the “little result” reality and the “major result” reality are on top of each other, like layers of a spring?

It could also explain why two different intentions (from different people) don’t cancel each other out – the two “intenders” move to different realities. e.g. We both want the same job. We both intend it equally. I move to the reality where I get the job, you move to the one where you did. In my reality, you lost out; in yours, I did.

Of course, that would mean we have to exist in all realities, even though we are only conscious of a single one at any point.

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