Brains in jars

Six weeks and counting. We’re getting into the “spirit of travel” now I reckon — most of the house packing is done, so I can make a booking with the shipping company with some confidence that we’ll be ready for them, and start concentrating on our backpacks and gear. In the meantime we’re trying to spend quality time in London so that our memories aren’t all work, work, work. Which is why we caught the bus to Drury Lane yesterday and walked to the Royal College of Surgeons for the Hunterian Museum: a gory selection of skeletons and partially-dissected animals (and people!

Relaxing in Wales – yn llacio i mewn Cymru

It’s day four of our holiday out of the city, and we’re sitting in the Hawk and Buckle Inn reading historical fiction, sketching architecture and writing weblog posts. It’s been incredibly relaxing. The town we are staying in, Llannefydd, is too small for even a general store. Apart from a handful of houses, there is the Hawk And Buckle Inn (where we are staying), a church and a primary school — such a cute wee school it is too!


I awake fully clothed, sans shoes, face down on a mattress of calico stuffed with porridge, my drool-patch soaking in nicely to combine with the drool-patches of a thousand backpackers before me. In a foolishly improvident move I attempt to lift my head — the action sends my body back to the porridgy embrace of the well-worn mattress, whilst simultaneously dipping my raw brain into a nearby lava-pool. My own heart-beat, pulsing traitor, ticks out the eternity of my agony in a syncopated thumping in my temples — ba-BUH, ba-BUH, ow-OW, ow-OUCH.

Skye High Tour – booked

With Chris Kendrick coming to visit, I went ahead and booked a Haggis Tour: Skye High. This should see us travelling around Scotland and Skye on a bus for a few days, with plenty of opportunities for walking (Chris’s idea) and drinking whiskey (my idea), as well as a chance to meet some new people on the bus itself. We’ll stay in backpacker hostels, nice and cheap for the poor Aussie lad, and should get to see some awesome sights – Skye, Loch Ness, Inverness, Culloden Moor, castles, monsters, Celtic battles ahoy!

Cleared for landing

I have my entry clearance!! This is a really, really good thing, and has been a point of stress for both Dee and I, as if I didn’t get my VISA then I wouldn’t be allowed on the aeroplane without a return ticket. And that’s an expensive move! But it arrived this morning, which means my application was processed in under two weeks – very quick, from what I’ve read on the Internet.

The year to come

This will be my last post this year – Dee and I are going camping in South Australia for the next two weeks, and it’s unlikely there will be mobile phone coverage, let alone wifi internet access. Of course, it doesn’t really both either of us, and is in fact one of the reasons we are going. No communication, no computers, no technology. Time to recommune with nature perhaps. A spiritual recharge, certainly.

Real Work

With exams over I can finally get on with the real work of living. It’s a weight off my chest, that’s for sure. And I’m actually excited about just how much more I can do with my time, now that I don’t have to waste all my free time feeling guilty about not studying. I’m off to Chris’s place this weekend for exactly that – figuring out what we can do with our time.

We may have another buyer

We may have another buyer for the car! He looked today, and seems very interested, but first we need to get it checked out by his mechanic. We’ve agreed (informally) on a pretty good price for him, not as much as we were hoping for but it will nevertheless be good to get it over and done with. No more car!! But I won’t say any more. I wouldn’t want to “jinx” anything!

We sold the car ... ah, no we didnt

A slight backwards step today when the guy lined up to buy Angelina (the Celica) reneged on the deal — I guess he “didn’t have the minerals”, or something like that. It’s a bit disappointing, because I want all the loose ends tidied up as soon as possible. Of course, it’s more important that Danielle be happy, and she seems okay — “These things happen for a reason.” Very mellow indeed!