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The other Taronga
Apr 9, 2017

Sad-ish news: Dee’s contract is not being renewed. So she’s on the hunt for work! Jobs, you are ALLOWED to hunt. Just leave these guys alone. Despite our new single-income status, we spent last weekend at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, “glamping” in the Zoofari Park there.

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Hashtag Jesus
Aug 14, 2014

Last night we drank a magnum of Mumm (champagne) that Dee won in a weight-loss competition at work, and as a result we got a little bit silly on Facebook. This in turn triggered an automatic post via IFTTT, and I feel like I should explain a little.

Welcome to America – Go F&€# Yourself!
Mar 2, 2013

Sitting in our (enormous!) chalet, nestled in Squaw Valley between snow-covered peaks, drinking moonshine in front of a roaring fire and watching strange American television – what a way to spend a Friday evening!

Murray Valley Riverina
Sep 15, 2010

With work moving along (well, slowly), we decided to take a weekend break in the middle of the week and spend two nights in Albury, over the NSW border. We headed off nice and early, stopping at Deniliquin (the home of the annual “Ute Muster”) for a picnic lunch.

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Country life: fishin, 4WDing and barbeques
Sep 11, 2010

Ah, country living. For the last month we’ve been spending time with family in regional Victoria, with only a couple of quick day-trips into “the city” (Melbourne) so far. It is relaxing, certainly: we’ve had a couple of barbeques, even fired up the chiminea (a kind of cast-iron wood-fire oven); we spent an hour fishing on the Murray (and now want fishing-licenses of our own); even did a little “off-roading” down some bush tracks, although we balked at attempted a water-crossing, thanks to the recent flooding rains.

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Back Down Under
Sep 1, 2010

Sorry for the quiet: we’ve been back in Australia for a couple of weeks now, spending time with family and trying to find our feet. No boat, sadly; but did fly back in business class!

Tiger Time!
Jul 25, 2010

Early morning this morning, too early by far: our travel alarm (very useful thanks Dayna) exploded in an electronic tintinbulation at 6:02am precisely, shattering our slumber into little shards of activity.

Big hopes for Bangkok
Jul 24, 2010

We arrived in Bangkok with big hopes: our hotel, The White Orchid, looked great in the photos, with a jacuzzi, spa and massage room and a roof-top restaurant overlooking the city from the 12th floor.

But yeah, now she sleeps
Jul 23, 2010

So we’ve made it to Bangkok: we got a tuk-tuk to the train station, just past the Laos-Thai Friendship Bridge, and were happy to find there were first-class tickets left — not too expensive, and after the “hard sleeper” in China and “chicken bus” in Laos we weren’t in the mood to find out what second-class bunks were like in Thailand.