Very subtle rye ale, with little body and not much in the way of aftert… (Addison Rye Ale) #photo → October 24, 2014

I just earned the 'Untappd 4th Anniversary' badge on @untappd! #ut4th → October 24, 2014

RT @josswhedon: She blinded me with sciencenBlame it on the rainnMama said knock you outnOops (I did it again)nn- Terrible Defense Attorney… → October 24, 2014

Sometimes when I'm waiting at a crossing, I imagine it's a Stargate and the other side of the street is a billion light years away. → October 24, 2014

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I've said it before: The only difference between .PDF and .EXE are the letters. → October 24, 2014

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Running a honeypot and watching idiots try to screw around over SSH is the best thing ever. → October 22, 2014