Kafe Tourer

Ah,¬†Motorcycles, how I love thee. I’ve got a few ideas about my motorbike restoration job, and have decided that I need to separate “planning” from “action” – so here is the dreamline, whilst the build log can live elsewhere in the projects space<. Some time ago, I bought a 1990 BMW K100LT for a bit of a camping tour down south, culminating in a weekend at the MotoGP on Philip Island.

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Arcade Wall

The Hack Street office will include an arcade console near one wall, with a large wall-mounted display that doubles as a video-conferencing system (Hangouts, Skype, etc). I want to assemble an awesome system that includes classic arcade titles as well as the best console titles. Hardware Wall-mounted HDTV “Podium”-style standing desk with arcade controls Webcam for video conferencing large input selector dial HDMI input port for PC/macOS gaming Arcade games XMAME RetroPi Mini SNES Android gaming device Gaming Consoles Wii U Xbox (Legacy) Xbox One Playstation 3 Assassin’s Creed Crysis 2 Heavy Rain Space Marine Playstation 4 CoD: Advanced Warfare Wolfenstein (series) Destiny (series) The Last Of Us Warframe