Kafe Tourer

Ah, Motorcycles, how I love thee. I’ve got a few ideas about my motorbike restoration job, and have decided that I need to separate “planning” from “action” – so here is the dreamline, whilst the build log can live elsewhere in the projects space<. Some time ago, I bought a 1990 BMW K100LT for a bit of a camping tour down south, culminating in a weekend at the MotoGP on Philip Island.

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Agent Bingo Robot


Open Lumify

Mechanical Keyboards

As the primary user interface for many generations of computer users, the humble keyboard surely deserves its place in the history books as one of the twentieth century’s greatest inventions. From the surface, at least, it appears to be largely unchanged since the electric typewriter of the ’30s, with the layout even older still — a lattice of switches which, when closed, send an appropriate electrical signal to the computing device — and as a frequent, heavy computer user, I should probably have paid more attention.

Clock Radio

Idea: Replace the guts of the (US-voltage) vintage clock radio I have with an Arduino (driving the display) and a radio circuit. Hacks/Ideas Self-dimming clock display e.g. get brighter gradually towards the alarm time Input: existing controls Gut a portable DAB radio (~$50, ebay) and integrate Add a smart bulb (lumen, phillips hue) to my bedside light and make an easy “dawn light” Voice activation/control(!!) http://blog.oscarliang.net/raspberry-pi-voice-recognition-works-like-siri/ Use a, old mouse for “tuner” dial (scroll wheel of ball mouse) e-ink display temperature on 7-segment display notification RGB LED?

Arcade Wall

The Hack Street office will include an arcade console near one wall, with a large wall-mounted display that doubles as a video-conferencing system (Hangouts, Skype, etc). I want to assemble an awesome system that includes classic arcade titles as well as the best console titles. Hardware Wall-mounted HDTV “Podium”-style standing desk with arcade controls Webcam for video conferencing large input selector dial HDMI input port for PC/macOS gaming Arcade games XMAME RetroPi Mini SNES Android gaming device Gaming Consoles Wii U Xbox (Legacy) Xbox One Playstation 3 Assassin’s Creed Crysis 2 Heavy Rain Space Marine Playstation 4 CoD: Advanced Warfare Wolfenstein (series) Destiny (series) The Last Of Us Warframe