Keeping Ourselves Busy

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last post. Jules is back at school, giving Dee the space to ramp up her job search — with a twist, as she’s looking to move into agile project management (i.

Roll on 2014

Happy new year! Good riddance to 2013 and roll on 2014, says I. We celebrated with the Melrose clan (the Scots) by taking a picnic down to Bicentennial Park for the fireworks display — it’s the park right near our house, so not too far to go and we had a good view of the fireworks from both the Harbour Bridge and in Balmain. We also weren’t the only people with the same idea! Very family friendly: they even put on early fireworks (“fa th’ wee wains”) at 9pm, after which Dee took Jules home to bed. He was kind of over the crowds and noise anyway. It was a pretty impressive show! We had a few drinks, it must be said, but we also had a stack of sandwiches (Dee) and pastries (Dot) to help even our respective keels. We sat around on a blanket (ooh, which I need to pop in the washing machine! Red wine accident, thanks Rab) and chatted — me picking Andy’s brains on how to prep for a marathon, what kind of nutrition he uses before, during and afterwards, etc. Did I mention I’m running the Sydney Marathon this year? And Andy may fly back for it too (but he’s already run a marathon, so is already much, much more advanced than I am). 2013 wasn’t all bad for me personally, but it certainly had moments that felt like it was never going to end. To focus on the positive: We sold our house! We moved to Sydney! Dee got a job! We won a prize! Some of the stuff I’m looking forward to this year includes: Doing a lot of running! Going snowboarding and/or skiing! (September, maybe?) So that’s it! I’m going to have a look at the calendar to plan a visit (to Cockatoo, and Bendigo) but in the meantime feel free to update the blog!