Mechanical Keyboards

As the primary user interface for many generations of computer users, the humble keyboard surely deserves its place in the history books as one of the twentieth century’s greatest inventions. From the surface, at least, it appears to be largely unchanged since the electric typewriter of the ’30s, with the layout even older still — a lattice of switches which, when closed, send an appropriate electrical signal to the computing device — and as a frequent, heavy computer user, I should probably have paid more attention.

Of course, no invention is safe from innovation and human ingenuity, and of late I’ve come to explore the worlds of mechanical keyboards.


  • an ergodox
  • an iris
  • the planck (ortholinear); and
  • a nyquist


The challenge here is finding a case for it, and I think I should probably 3D-print one.


Not my “daily driver” by any means, but I’ve stolen Mina’s completed Iris and have it at work.




awaiting delivery

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