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Painting With Jules

Dec 21, 2019 by glennji

A bit of fun for the Christmas break: I found my old Warhammer 40K minatures that I’d had as a kid1 and showed Jules. “Can I paint one?” he asked. “No, but I’ll buy you one for yourself.”

The same day we visited an art supply shop, for a completely different reason, but sure enough there was a single “blind box” Space Marine. I couldn’t back out, and the last couple of nights we’ve been going through the various steps: first spraying an undercoat, then painting the base colours (shown here), and today we added some details. (Am I doing too much? Maybe. I’m certainly cleaning up Jay’s work, because he gets bored so quickly and I want him to enjoy the experience.)

For my part I’m painting the Deadzone minatures I bought, yep, almost two years ago — and haven’t completed building. I don’t see it as yet another unfinished project however, but rather a cost-effective hobby. Considering the price of individual models, rulebooks, etc. this may well be the best way to do it!

(I’m happy to have a friend (Jack) who is better at this stuff than I am, even if he’s relatively new to the hobby too, as I can rely on him for the latest tips and tricks, news and reviews. He’s also a boardgame geek, which I can talk about another time, but if I ever get my models assembled and painted we may have to have a game or two.)

  1. For different values of “kid” — I couldn’t say for sure how old I was when I painted these, but I have the worrying feeling that I probably had disposable income by that point. Hey, it’s never too late to have a great childhood as far as I’m concerned! ↩︎

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