It’s time to move

Jul 25, 2016 by glennji

Today we spent over 20 minutes in traffic to go the 1 kilometre from home to preschool — it’s time to start looking for a house on the other side of Parramatta Road again.

There is, of course, no urgency — we’re in a lease after all — but we’ve both agreed we should keep an eye out for a better property in a more accessible location i.e. Annandale or Leichhardt at this point. Considering we saw the perfect (for us) property in Annandale, and might’ve got it if we’d offered the same rent we’re currently paying, it seems like it might be worth the cost of lease-break just to avoid diving into the rental market around the same time that all the University students do. C’est la vie.

We’ve also started discussing where we ultimately want to live — where we would actually buy a house and “settle down”, particularly if we could swing “full time work from home” (or better, “run our own business from home”), and with a view towards the next 10 years.

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