Public transport blues

Sep 10, 2014 by glennji

It doesn’t take much: one smarmy bus driver and my mood has taken a dive.

Transport NSW (I think it is) is rolling out a new NFC ticketing system called Opal, very similar by all accounts to Myki in Melbourne (but not compatible, right?). It’s been hyped and advertised for a couple of months, with the promise that “some paper tickets will not be available after September 1st”.


Dutifully, I bought an Opal card before my last bus trip, only to find that it’s only usable on certain trips – and so far none of my buses are included. Instead, the readers have a sticker over them stating, “not in use, blah blah  blah”.

It’s my third free trip, so I ask the bus driver, “These aren’t being used yet?”

“Read the sign”, he replies. The dick.

Bring on self-driving cars and buses, I say. Better than the self-entitled, lazy, resentful, ill-mannered, holier-than-thou cock-spanks that drive buses and taxis in this city.

Rant ends. I feel much better, thanks Internets!

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