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A break-in attempt?

Feb 24, 2014 by glennji
from Glenn J. Mason via Facebook
A quick note about this: last Friday I was home (after being sick all Thursday night), and on Saturday afternoon Dee noticed that our front window (into Jules’ room) was damaged — and it clearly looked like someone had attempted to open it with a crowbar.
We can’t say for sure when it was, but we do have a sensor light for overnight and I was totally out of it on Friday, so it was possibly during the day. Whenever it was, they damaged our windows pretty badly (but couldn’t actually get it, so winning).
As soon as we noticed, we were off to Bunnings for an alarm. Presumably it was a “convenience crime” (well, if you carry a crowbar around with you) on our otherwise quiet street; Dee reported it to the police but they didn’t really have much to tell us.

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