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Jan 24, 2014 by glennji

Well January’s almost over and I’ve done just one run.

It may have been a coincidence, but I finished a run on the 1st of January with a smashing headache, and woke overnight bathed in sweat and running a fever that stayed with me for three days. At least I was running something, I suppose, but it put the end to my early start, that’s for sure. Instead, for the last month I’ve been focusing on 1) eating to lose bodyfat, and 2) being more active.

On the food front, we’ve both been thinking and talking about how our dinner time meals tend to suffer: we get home, get Jules from daycare, do shopping, blah blah blah …. and then neither of us can really be bothered making our own food. We thought we’d be able to do some preparatory cooking on weekends, but it’s just not happening.

Instead, we looked at Light ‘N’ Easy — but with my stubborn hat on I stated that I was sticking to slow-carb, and most of the LNE meals have pasta, rice or potato mash. So I looked some more and found Real Food Connection: frozen food for oven-baking that is slow-carb compatible (and organic, and high protein) AND just down the street from us.

We checked them out that weekend, and so for the last two weeks we’ve been eating a selection of their meals. They taste good, all the nutrional info is available, are easy to prepare and compatible with my slow-carb shenanigans. What’s not love? Combined with a protein shake for breakfast and Thr1ve for lunch, I’m more true to the four-hour body thing than I’ve ever been.

And I feel it! The scales aren’t showing, but I (generally) feel more alert and awake, and food just isn’t a concern. Fuel, not fun. (I say “generally” because this week we had a couple of horrible nights’ sleep — think squirmy baby boy between us — so yesterday I broke down and had a Nandos chicken burger. Back on the wagon today.)

I’ve also been cycling into work and home almost every day, which gets quite a sweat up. Tracking it on Endomondo, if anybody else wants to compare and contrast. Perfect, because cycling is actually the quickest  way in of a morning, including getting a taxi if the traffic is dire. I’m also tracking steps with the Fitbit, and have been aiming (but not always reaching) for 10,000 a day, as is the Fitbit norm. Thr1ve is a 15 minute walk at lunch time, which helps.

BUT the marathon is only 240 days away now (!!), so this weekend I’m getting back to my zero-to-10K running programme (there’s an app for that, after all). 10 weeks, which is 70 days if I stick with it (3 days a week), leaving 170 days to go from 10km to 42.195km …

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