A vicious cycle

Sep 26, 2012 by glennji


I rode home from work for the first time tonight. It was not an unbridled success.

Oh, nothing too dramatic – I just need a hell of a lot more practice, both at cycling and at navigation. A couple of needless detours, a good long stretch riding in the bike lane on the wrong side of the road … and a failure to realise that the good ol’ University of Canberra has a massive great hill in the middle of it, and “cutting through” might be less of a shortcut than anticipated.

My bike served me well, although I’m still not convinced I have enough air in the tyres. Bought a front light today, to go with the tail-light I got earlier in the week, and since Palantir have given me a new phone I’ve got an Android bike computer just waiting to be charged – if it’s not geek it’s meek, I say.

My bike probably needs a service, so i may have to do that next week. Dee thinks the knobbly mountain bike tyres might be making things harder, too, and we’ve seen the coolest baby bike seat in Costco … shopping on the weekend, then?

Out was very hard work tonight, harder than it ought to be. Oh well, at least I did it; I’ll get better in time. Might wait till next week to try again, however – give my legs (and bum!) time to recover.

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