A good day

glennji | Apr 28, 2012 min read

Twas a good day today — I had a nice long sleep-in (thanks honey), had a visit from Ken and Mary, got to Bunnings for sample paint-pots, heard from a potential employer and had just enough fuel and sunlight to rough-mow the lawns. Good day indeed!

We haven’t been sleeping the best of late, as either the boy or one of the dogs wakes us for a little attention. Last night it was both, at different times, so after Dee put the dogs outside and took Jules upstairs for a feed I put my headphones on and tried to drift back to sleep listening to a mix of ambient noise — like I was on an air-conditioned train, riding along the beach, with a light rainstorm, monks chanting in the background, night owls hooting, crickets chirping …

Surprisingly enough, the racket sent me off to sleep for another couple of hours!! When I awoke, I was almost paralysed by the sound, tooooo relaxiiiiing … but managed to yank the earphones out and stir myself for breakfast.

Ken and Mary were on their way to Warburton, so stopped in briefly; when they left, we headed to Bunnings for supplies, and a sausage in bread — it’s almost mandatory! We picked a few colours for the kitchen and dining rooms, found the stuff Dee needs for patching the walls and even remembered to grab some ceiling hooks to hang the chandeliers, avoiding the typical, “Oh! We forgot the…” situation we usually find ourselves in about halfway home. Dee put Jules to bed and got to painting wall swatches; I burnt off some of our garden waste and mowed the still-somewhat-wet grass. It’s not the best job, but looks a damn sight better than it did and I’m not sure we’ll get a better chance this rainy winter.

The next-to-final bit of good news today was an email from a potential employer asking if I was interested in “… continuing the conversation.” It’s for a pretty exciting, challenging role, and could be a bit of an adventure for all of us if it comes off, but I’m still very early in the process so we’re trying not to get too excited about it. But it would mean a break from Melbourne and a different lifestyle for us, for a little while at least. (I also have a pretty promising role in Melbourne that could come together, so at this point I’d be chuffed with either.)

And the penultimate cherry on the cake of a day? Dee finished a level on Mario Galaxy 2 that has been plaguing us for a week! Good times.