Wasps the matter?

Mar 3, 2012 by glennji
A Southern Yellowjacket Queen - Opo Terser

It started one morning — Dee came out to find a bunch of dead wasps in the sink, with a whole lot more (alive) outside the kitchen window. We investigated (well, Dee investigated, she’s braver than I) and realised they were flying in and out of a hole in one of our weatherboards … awww crap, we have a wasps nest!

It got worse as the day went one: we could hear them inside the walls, crawling over each other, rustling and chittering. (Okay, maybe not chittering — but rustling! Definitely rustling!) Too, too creepy: we called an exterminator and were very happy to hear he could come that same day.

The actual “extermination” took about 15 minutes, and most of that was the guy getting into and out of his biohazard suit. He then told us a delightful tale about a Thai rip-off merchant, how to get out of speeding fines, and his attempts to form a kingdom of one. But by the evening, no more rustling!

We’re getting a few quotes to do the whole house and surrounds now, kill everything and dissuade it from coming back.

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