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Let the right one in

Jan 16, 2012 by glennji
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Dee’s solution to an escaping puppy – the fence to end all fences. We even have a gate! Using the treated pine posts that used to be the dog yard (and which Jared and I ripped up last time he was visiting), we’ve dug holes and wired up some proper dog-fencing. Each panel has a tensioning wire at the top and tent-pegs at the bottom, so she’s not getting over OR under. I’m so proud of this effort – Dee did most of the work, but I helped in my lunch break yesterday so I get to claim partial credit.

Next outside project is to tear up the pavers, mow and weed the lawns, and maybe hoe the ground flat to let new, soft grass grow on the only piece of flat land we have – the future site of any play equipment we get for young Jules, so keeping Lucy out should avoid any nasty grass-mines (I swear I stood in the same one three times yesterday – in bare feet!). A few retaining walls, a little concreting, and we’ll have finished stage one.

In the nick of time, too – I’m not sure if Crazy Duck Lady and friends actually DID anything on Sunday when we were out for dinner, but Monday morning the short, temporary fence was pushed down (Dee thought it was me and I thought it her) and Lucy’s chain unscrewed i.e. one link joining two shorter chains was “twiddled” open, so she could’ve theoretically escaped AGAIN – and no doubt Duck Lady would’ve shot her “in self defence”. We can’t say for sure that it was funny business, but I’ve never seen a chain link untwiddle itself. I’m putting up a webcam this morning for when we chain her up outside, in a nice visible location, just in case she gets some funny ideas.

Waiting on a wifi webcam from Hong Kong now; if its any good I’ll buy a bunch more and setup Zoneminder security system.

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