Isaacs birthday in the park

Dec 11, 2011 by glennji



After a torrential downpour last night, it looks to have cleared up nicely for Isaac’s birthday in the park.

We’re running late, of course – after the work Christmas dinner on Friday night and an Audrey Tatou movie on Samedi, I was wiped out this morning. Lucky for me Dee is so capable – she not only managed our babies (one small, one large and furry) effortlessly, she brought me breakfast in bed AND finished our De Blob 2 game on the Wii! A guy couldn’t ask for more…

We arrive just in time to sing “happy birthday” and watch Isaac cut the cake; he immediately resumes his tireless play, from bubbler to spinny-roundy thing, haring around the park with nary a backwards glance at nap-time. Good to see he’s enjoying himself!

Take turns holding other peoples’ babies for a while, then time to head back home. I’m still so tired that I may well have an afternoon nap; more likely I’ll do something mostly brainless, like play a game or do some Euler programming.

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