Lets do nothing today, eh?

Dec 3, 2011 by glennji

It feels like it has been a long week this week; I suspect that all the weeks between now and Christmas will feel progressively longer, unfortunately, until we finally breach 2012 (at which point the months will fly by once again — time is relative, but perception more so). It was lovely, then, to spend a little time at home this morning, then meander casually through the day with no deadlines, task-lists or projects.

We checked out the Emerald féte in the morning: a church féte, with typical stalls, but a lovely collection of Triumphs out the front (and even a BSA) from the Hillriders motocycle club. Damn, I want a bike again: something classic, or at least classy, that we can throw carefully down the mountain roads. I don’t need to go fast. 🙂

After a compulsory sausage-inna-bun from Cut-me-own-froat Dibbler and one last, longing look at the bikes we headed to Knox. All our Christmas shopping is done now, except some stuff we’re going to make, so this was really just a pleasant drive with some commitment-frei window shopping at one end. I found some sunglasses that looked okay, but I’m really not going to spend $350 on Raybans until they can project high-definition, immersive augmented-reality directly into my eyeballs.

We headed home the long way, through the touristy Sassafras and Olinda. A half-hearted look for stocking-fillers for Jules at Geppetto’s Workshop saw Dee dropping and breaking about half their stock, so we hurried out and were home in time to have a play with Lucy in the backyard.

Now I’m about to tuck into some roast vegetables; a late dinner. All in all, an enjoyably unexciting day!

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