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Mom says fibrocartilaginous embolism isnt good for dogs

Jul 26, 2011 by glennji

Whilst I wait for a release to build — gotta love being a programmer — I thought I best pen a quick update on the trials and tribulations of our “little” puppy Lucy, who is due to come back from a two-night stay at a specialist vets today.

On the weekend she fell at the bottom of the stairs, and while I didn’t see it the noise was an almighty thump and she seemed a bit shocked afterwards. I gave her a hug and she ran up the stairs, but stumbled again at the top and almost fell over. It was heartbreaking! I sat her down on her bed and ran my hands over her to see if she’d actually broken anything.

Since that time she was having trouble walking, her back paw “knuckling” over and sliding on the wooden floors. When she didn’t seem to be improving, we took her to the local vet, who suggested a spine or brain injury (!!) and referred us to a Dr. Peter Laverty, who was kind enough to slip us in between his other patients.

Overnight observation showed she wasn’t improving (very quickly, anyway), so we signed the release for a myelogram. This x-ray was not without its risks, but would locate the problem and tell us whether she needed surgical intervention.

Another nervous night (her timing sucks — with Dee about to go into labour any second, we really need our rest) and morning and we get the results: it is not a compression or swelling, so it is very likely a random “spinal stroke” (fibrocartilaginous embolism) that will fully heal itself over the next 6-weeks — it could’ve been much worse! Dr. Laverty suggested that it was more likely that the fall was due to the stroke, not the other way ’round. Lucy will still not be allowed downstairs for a long time yet.

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