We have a new floor!

Jun 2, 2011 by glennji

We got a floor laid today! Just one of the many, many benefits of being a pregnant woman (*Glenn ducks*) is you can ask for special treatment, like “as early as possible because we’ve got a baby coming”. Dee found the flooring company on Monday and found out that “as early as possible” was before the end of the week! Good stuff! So last night we moved out all the furniture and ripped up the last little bit of carpet, then slept with the mattress on the floor where our dining table should be. Dee was happy to find it wasn’t as hard to get up from the floor as she worried it would be. (Lucy woke us nice and early, of course, although arguably it was harder for her to lick us since she had to bend down.)

Rock and AJ (real names?) turned up this morning and got to work: we put up a drop-sheet across our door to block out the dust (but not the noise), then left ’em to it. Lots of hammering and grinding from behind the orange curtain, so Dee took the car out for a service and I put on some headphones. “A nice hardwood floor…”, Tasmanian oak? Something like that. They were finished by about two o’clock, with another 24-hours before we can walk on it (so camping out again tonight); in a couple of weeks (once it has settled I suppose) they’re back to sand and polish it. It already looks good!

Lucy was a reasonably good puppy during all the ruckus, although we had to block off her path with sheets of plasterboard because she just wanted to help. By the afternoon she’d grown used to it, and went outside to harass the neighbours little dogs. So funny to see muddy little “Milo” or yippy “Hannah” chasing a big black Great Dane around the yard! Considering that Lucy has been sneaking into Milo’s yard and stealing his toys, I’m not surprised he chases her.

So we are slowly but surely getting something like settled. This floor was a big one, as it really brings the room together with all the painting, plastering, sanding and amateur-carpentary we’ve done over the last month or so. French-doors this weekend, getting it polished before the end of the month, a couple of rugs, photos and/or paintings, a little bookshelf cabinet by the door and we’re done with our bedroom!

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