Its a boy!

Feb 28, 2011 by glennji

This morning’s ultrasound (mostly) confirmed it — we’re having a boy. “And there,” our sonographer commented blithely, “is the third leg!” It took us a moment to decode what she was saying, as she went on to explain that it wasn’t 100% certain but she was pretty sure what she was looking at (we couldn’t tell, mind you). No chance of a closer look, mind you: as soon as she saw it he proceeded to push the umbilical-cord between his legs and cover himself up. Modest, it seems. More modest than his daddy, that’s for sure.

As we walked out we had to admit: we’d thought we were having a girl. Don’t know why, really, but now we’re re-adjusting to reality and scrapping every bit of (unspoken) planning we’d each done. Hmm, names!?

Very happy to see the li’l guy. I wonder if we get another ultrasound before we see him face to face?

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