NYE 2010 Redux (so I dont forget where we were)

Jan 13, 2011 by glennji

Sure, it’s a couple of weeks ago now, but I still thought I might jot a quick note about our New Year’s celebrations down the coast at Cape Paterson with Renee and Gerard.

It was great to see people, and the weather was plenty hot enough for a dip in the ocean that first afternoon. Lots of food (courtesy of Uthey, then Gerard for breakfast), a little tipple (thanks to Kenji) and a few silly chats — the best way to usher in the new decade. We laughed, played a game or three of Jenga (very competitive, as anything involving Grant and Picky is bound to be) and just barely stayed awake until midnight. Yes, we’re getting old!

The next day after brekkie we headed to Phillip Island to drink beer, eat fish and chips and watch the little penguins return as the sun went down.

For me, it was the beginning of my reintegration into the Social Matrix. Good times!

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