Strasbourg: Meet the meat (and more photos)

Jun 5, 2010 by glennji
Our last day in Strasbourg we walked around (a lot!) and found a local place for lunch — and I do mean local. The menus were

en francais, mit Deutsche if we really wanted it, but no anglais. So we ordered pretty much at random — although we could have a pretty good guess at salade/salat, there was no real way to know that “Ros bif” was neither “roast” nor “beef”, but rather a third thing altogether: cheval.

I looked it up when we got to Austria. Yep, I ate horse for dinner. It was delicious, in case anyone is wondering.

That night, before our train, we tried another local dish: sauerkraut for two, with a strong German influence. It was basically just a whole plate of meat with a little pickled cabbage! (Damien, maybe you can scan your postcard and put it up somewhere — it was almost exactly as portrayed.)

Some more photos of Strasbourg:

With more photos of Strasbourg on Flickr.

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