Mar 30, 2010 by glennji
MSC Basel
The MSC Basel (photography copyright Pictures From Earth

It looks like we might have our cargo ship back after all — Hamish emailed this morning to say he could get us on the MSC Basel on the 31st July, Singapore to Melbourne. Yes, that’s the same ship he originally had us on, so we’ve either bumped the other passengers OR will be travelling with them! (In a separate room, I hope.)

It got me thinking about chance and happenstance (a great word, by the way, but one that Chrome doesn’t know how to spell) , and how everything that ever happens is all equally — and massively — unlikely.  (It’s funny that I should stumble across that particular article while thinking about such things, huh? I mean, what are the chances? :-))

So yeah, things seem to be unfolding as they should — but is that actually meaningful, or just a creation/product of our self-aware minds? I tend to think both: ‘meaning’ is only meaningful to a sentient creature, after all, but that fact doesn’t in any way lessen the, er, significance (meaning) of it all.  I guess the point is: we’ve got a second unlikely opportunity to get home without flying and we’re taking it!

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