Elementary, my dear Watson!

Jan 13, 2010 by glennji

We “Northerners” (well, temporary) had a sunny, if cold, day today, the first in weeks if not months. Perfect weather, in fact, for an early morning walk ’round Regent’s Park, so I was up and out the door shortly after breakfast. I must admit, I felt bad for the birds swimming in the near-frozen lake but they didn’t seem to mind.

Dee and I have put together a list of 101 things to do in London before we leave, and so yesterday (Saturday) we had a “Sherlock Holmes”-themed day out. We tubed to Baker Street from London Bridge, then walked along the street until we found number 221b – Sherlock’s address, although apparently when (Sir) Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the mystery stories Baker Street only went up to 100! These days it is a tiny museum (and gift shop) to the fictional detective; I even had a chance to sit with Dr. Watson himself!

Afterwards we headed to an “indy” cinema on Baker Street for the new Sherlock Holmes movie (starring the inimitable Robert Downey Jr., who I’m quite sure I saw shopping in a little specialist food market in North London last year). Not the greatest cinema, as it turned out, but appropriately located nevertheless – and they served wine and popcorn, so by the time the movie was over I was feeling rather jolly indeed. We stopped briefly at The Globe – the pub rather than the Shakespearean theatre, because I’ve been past it a bunch of times but never entered – before walking through Soho to meet Dayna and Bruce for dinner at Wagamama.

After some so-so Japanese food (not bad, but not something to write home about – oh, sorry, guess I shouldn’t have mentioned it then) we went searching for London’s last and only street lamp that is powered by burning sewer gas. We eventually found the “poppy lamp” in a little laneway off The Strand, and were disappointed to find that it had been converted to electricity after a hapless motorist knocked the original over with his car!

So disappointed by this were we that we had to retire to the local “Coal House” for commiserations over a glass of bubbly. Our spirit suitably lightened, we walked along The Strand, over Waterloo Bridge, and towards home.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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