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Broken post on a broken site

Apr 1, 2008 by glennji

I still don’t have an Internet connection at home, so of course this website has sat un-used and without an update for a long time. Today it’s a slow day at work, so I thought I’d quickly write an update or two. Oh, and change the theme, at least until I can fix the original one.

Dee’s mum has arrived, and she traveled for 2 weeks around Europe with Dee — so jealous that I didn’t go, but it would’ve both changed the dynamic and made it a lot more expensive. They’re planning a trip to Scotland this week, then some weekend trips away (which I’ll be able to go on too). I got two presents from the European vacation: an espresso cup set (perfect for the coffee machine Dee bought me in December) and a “cut throat” razor (which I’ve wanted for a while – scary, but cool, and now I’m shaving my head and face I really should learn how to handle a razor).

Settling in with the housemates too, although it’s been a bit weird with Colleen of late — she’s finding religion but I worry about what it might do to her. I really like having Chris around, ‘though — he’s a good influence even when he’s trying not to be.

I hope we get the Internet back tomorrow. I miss it so.

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