Why collapsing probability waveforms is just bloody stupid

Aug 31, 2007 by glennji

We live in a reality that is always under a probabilistic quantum flux, apparently. An electron travelling from A to B actually takes every possible path; the path we observe is an integral across the probability of each of these paths, “collapsing” into the most likely one at the point of observation.

What’s true of the very small (or very fast) is true of the very large, and everything in between. We observe the universe as it is now; this “collapses” the probability waves of every possible past into the most likely one; ergo, by existing, we created (selected) our own beginning.

Except it’s stupid. What makes us so special that we can “collapse” quantum reality into actual, observed reality? Are we each working on our own “copy” of reality? Am I the god of my realm?

Maybe, but again it’s beside the point. Rather than collapsing anything, consider this: if there is a fifth dimension containing all possible realities, then collapsing probability waveforms is exactly like moving in the fifth dimension. So when we observe an electron, or a universe, we are moving to the point in the fifth dimension where that reality is expressed.

And because it’s a movement, we can’t just go from one state of reality to another without moving through the intermediate states. And moving through any dimension isn’t instantaneous, so there are a limited number of points we can go to, and one will be more likely than the others. (Actually, with the addition of a single “possible reality” dimension, there should really be two which are equally likely. Do we see this in quantum mechanics?)

Okay, so it’s actually the same thing as collapsing probability waves, but the representation sounds more sensible to me.

I think I should read up on quantum mechanics a bit.

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