.. and I got a new singer and I got a new SONG! Doo-doo-do-doooo.

Jul 27, 2007 by glennji

Okay, it’s official — our new flat rocks!

Today I walked into work for the second time ever. The first was Monday morning, when I wasn’t entirely sure where the building was — I walked into a gigantic bank building, straight up to reception and asked, “Is this the ${blah} building?”.

“Oh no,” replied the young eastern European behind the reception desk, “this is number 12. I don’t know this other building.”

“Do you have the Intranet?” I enquired hopefully. “I think the address is there somewhere.” Yup, should’ve written that down before I left Edinburgh, noted. After a confusing to-and-fro and much Googling, I had the address — not too far away, but I’d already been walking for about 45 minutes by this point — luckily I’d left home at about 7:30 to ensure I’d be there on time!

I got to the proper building and rang my contact — she wasn’t in yet! So I explored the “caf” (and found the facilities!!) and waited for her to arrive, then was shown to my temporary desk. I spent the day trying to get access to stuff, reading and (let’s face it) twiddling my thumbs.

Needless to say, I was a little scared off walking in again, so for the next two days I took the tube — an experience in itself! Hot, muggy, crowded, lots of steps, buskers, far too many free newspapers … but brilliant once you get into it! Everywhere is so close! The trains run every 2 or 3 minutes! After wandering around looking for housey shops at lunch time, I just jumped on the tube after work and, within minutes, found myself in the retail centre of Tottenham Court! Huzzah!

So I got some plates, bowls and bed linen (much needed — I spent the first couple of nights lying on the mattress with a shirt or two across my body) then whisked back home again before the sun had gone down. Of course, during summer the sun doesn’t go down until 11pm or so …

But today I thought I’d try walking again, as I’m finding myself a little more comfortable with the area (I still take a wee A-Z street map everywhere of course). It took 35 minutes! Along Brick Lane, a famous Indian street — I’m looking forward to the walk home tonight, and may just pick up a cheeky curry … mmmm, curry.

Tomorrow I meet Dee at the station — finally together again! Life is good.

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