Singapore, London and an esteemed visitor

glennji | Jul 11, 2007 min read

Dee heard about Singapore! Unfortunately, all she heard was that they’d made an offer to her boss and he rejected it out of hand — crappy pay, no moving expenses, no bonus, who knows? Something about it wasn’t right, and the bossman was obviously convinced that taking that to his team would result in anger, dismay and potentially revolt. So he sent it back up the line, and now we’re waiting another couple of weeks for the next one.

In the meantime, my move is somewhere in limbo because the new person to our team doesn’t start for another week — this is a prerequisite for me actually leaving. I guess a week isn’t too long to wait. After that I should be free to go to another team, or better yet into a “pool” of resources (where I sit around waiting for someone to assign me to a project — brilliant! I’d love that I think). So it’s just a matter of time.

Chris Kendrick, my old housemate, is coming to visit later this month! That’s great, be good to catch up with him. He wants to get out and do some walking in Edinburgh and the Highlands, so I’m trying to organise that before he arrives. It’s got to be cheap, of course: poor Aussie with his weak Aussie dollars. 🙂