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A penthouse apartment in Bethnal Green thanks guv

Jul 11, 2007 by glennji

An update, in case there’s anyone who reads this and wonders what’s been going on — we’ve found a flat in London! The move is actually happening …

Okay, so where are we? Dee gave her notice a couple of weeks ago and so has only two weeks left (this one included), and I’ve organised to start at the London office on the 23rd July … so we’re really almost there! From so many weeks ago, thinking it would never happen.

Our new apartment is the top floor (I like to say “penthouse”) of a converted school in Bethnal Green. It’s smaller than our place in Edinburgh, but that’s probably to be expected — it’s the tradeoff of being close enough to the city (and therefore my new office) that I can walk, run and/or ride to work, completely avoiding the oft-maligned (with good reason!), smelly, humid, crowded rail network known universally (if not fondly) as the London tube.

So combine bikes with a few flights of stairs, add a wider range of eating options (I’ve never found a decent sushi place in Edinburgh, for example) and subtract the deep-fry-everything mentality of the proud Scottish capital and we should be on our way to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Or so I hope.

It’s not as furnished as the Edinburgh place either — I’ll be arriving a week before Dee (she’ll stay up north and sort out cleaners and movers and keys) and have the dubious joy (I’ll enjoy it, at least) of selecting the three C’s — cookery, crockery and cutlery. (Yes, Dee gets a giggle when I say that.) I also get to find and purchase a computer desk and chair — no more PCs and laptops on the dining table, coffee table or couch!

And so a new era begins …

(Too dramatic?)

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