Early start, Singapore vs. London

May 11, 2007 by glennji

I’m at work early this morning, sitting around waiting for other people to do stuff (I’ve done everything I need to already!) so we can get somebody to sign off the whole morning as a success. Oh the joy of tech!

I’m pretty much convinced that we won’t be going to Singapore now. It just seems to me that Dee’s work is stalling, trying to get a little “natural churn” and have people quit (rather than having to find them new work or give them redundancy payouts). Her team-leader (accidently?) mentioned that “… things will change in six weeks, obviously.” Six weeks? What happens in six weeks, asked Dee. “Oh, nothing, that was just a number I pulled out of the air.” Yeah, I believe that, really. No, I do. What do you mean, sarcasm? I don’t even know what sarcasm means!

That’s okay, London is nice this time of year. I’m in the “resource pool” now, so I could get assigned to a project down there at any time. I hope it’s soon.

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