Mar 19, 2007 by glennji

I asked for an update from my manager regarding relocating to London with the company today. She passed on the request and was told that, “a relocation package may not be available for this type of move”. Whatever that means! I really do feel like I’m being shafted here at the moment — trapped in a dead-end role, given a fairly crappy pay-rise (others got worse, but I don’t see how that is really the point) and blocked at every exit. Well, every exit but one — I’m not afraid to look outside this Scottish zaibatsu, unlike the common “celeryman” or wageslave in the hierarchy, and I’m sure my skills are extremely exportable (if just a little rusty).

I’m almost hoping that Dee lands a contract quick smart so I have no choice but to force their hand — “if you can’t place me in London, I resign.” How much fun would that be?!

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