Java and saké

Mar 17, 2007 by glennji

I’ve installed Sun Java 5 and 6 now, and the Eclipse IDE. In theory this means I can actually start doing some coding — and on a Saturday night that means code, sake and Asahi beer! I’ve got a couple of things I can try out too — the Google API’s I mentioned in the last post, for example, and also a “live stats” style display for work that we can strategically face towards the management (when things are going well; when our uptime stats drop I will surreptitiously spin it back ’round the other way). Shouldn’t take too long, and will be a good reminder about the basics.

sake labels

In other news I’ve just installed a WYSIWYG editor pane for editing content on this site — not that you can see it, of course — and I’m scanning some more of our photos with the HP and Xsane. What fun!

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