Stupid work

Jan 18, 2007 by glennji

I had a completely stupid night last night, followed by an equally ridiculous day.

I had to work, for one thing. A 20 minute job, apparently, but I was still there at 3am, 5 hours later — and was called back in when I woke after lunch time today. It’s fixed now, but why must these things be so complicated?

It has convinced me that I have to get a new job, however. I’m slated to move departments, so hoping that happens sooner rather than later (although despairing of it ever happening at all) and then once I’ve been there for a while I may look at moving again — I don’t know that I can do the kind of work I want to where I currently am, and the more bored I get the more my quality of work suffers.

Dee got word of her bonus, and it’s not too shabby (certainly worth staying until February to receive it, anyway) so we’re going out for dinner tonight. It should be enough to pay off our debts once and for all, and then we can actually start saving some pennies. Possibly towards a mortgage — a “death pledge” — but it’s not worth buying a house at the moment so we’ll just bide our time I think.

I need another holiday already. Stupid work.

Update: I’m back at work again, the morning after. Got here at 6:30 to run some tests and make sure everything was working (it is). Feeling a little less hostile today, perhaps because I’ve granted myself the privilege of coming to work in “casual clothes” i.e. t-shirt and jeans.

Dinner with Dee last night was good — an unassuming Italian restaurant in the West End. Great food (mmm, calamari) friendly service and a decent house wine. We might even go back!

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